The Battle for Virginia

Fauquier County - The Battle for Virginia
In the fields across Fauquier County….

Fauquier County was and is deep in the roots of forging America. We could lose her. We were complacent.

We never thought life could not radically change. We saw the extremists, but did not believe anyone would seriously go that way. We accepted being politically correct and tried to co exist. We were raised to do the right thing, work hard and give back to our community. No where did we believe people would consider the ideal was free benefits with no responsibility or contribution. We do not think that way. This profound change has consumed our world turning it on end. Up is down, and right is left. We saw the divisions, the hate, and the spin.

The extreme steps of socialism could not be supported as the best options for America. How did this become an organized movement? Why are we so far behind? This new belief has now shaded every part of our lives.


Asking how we lost wont solve anything. The truth is we LOST. The answers are in what we do from here.

We lost Virginia. By not engaging the extremes and ensuring the foundational beliefs, the reasons are gone. Teaching history and tradition holds life together. As we transition through rapid change, like we are seeing right now in our “high tech”, “one world” advances, we need foundations to keep us on good footing.

In the markets across Fauquier County….

We must engage. We need to share what we believe and why we believe it.

History has been erased or warped. The definition of who we are as a people and what we are here are being lost in transition.

Many things today sound good on the surface, yet there are profound reasons why they truly do not work or are not good for our country.


Right now is the time – not to start a CIVIL WAR.

No, this is the time to engage people and talk to them. Figure out what is really going on and build bridge back to a whole America.

The goal is to learn what are the issues, what are the options, what are the consequences, how our government works, how to speak to our legislature, what is the process of government, how do we run for office and when do we show up to tell our elected officials how to vote.

We can do this.

In our lectures halls….

That means we need to put some time every day back into America and bring people together to ensure the best America is here for our children and their children. There are many issues. 2A is the first. If we lose 2A, then we will lose them all.


American Life & Liberty: Get involved. Take action. Engage your neighbors. Build your network. Work together. America needs you. This is for your family and the future.


Families Healing Families will ensure the future of America!


Will You Step Up!