To connect with us and engage, please phone or email on the bottom of the page. Then, we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. At that point, we can discuss your interests and how to connect you people with the same values and mission.


To make a donation, please complete and submit this form which is required by the Virginia Elections and FEC. Then go down to the bottom and push the donate button for your contribution. Thank you for supporting the cause.

Those of us volunteering do not get paid for our time and effort. Each of us kick in our talents. Your donations are support for bringing people together, transportation and other necessary expenses to make a difference in a very hard world and strange time filled with too much upset and hate.

Thank you for donating to the cause. We believe strongly that to preserve our country we have to unite and share with people what it means to be American.

From all of us here at AMERICAN LIFE & LIBERTY, thank you. Send the form and then go to paypal for the donation.


To donate to AMERICAN LIFE & LIBERTY please fill out the above information above. Political Action Committees are required to collect data on all donations. Once the message is submitted, please press the donate button to make your donation.

If you would rather fill out a form and mail the document with a check, please CLICK HERE for Donation Form or CLICK HERE for a Sponsor Form

Thank you.

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