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Constitutional Values
Family Values
American Values

Protecting the American rights & freedoms.
Engaging Americans around core issues.
Encouraging Americans to vote their values.


is stepping up to take ACTION
for our county!

A pivotal moment then. A pivotal moment now.
If a news story from 250 years ago was written today:

Vandals Dump Tea into Boston Harbor
Adams Describes Protest as an “Epocha!”

BOSTON/ Friday, December 17, 1773

ALL PAC – Political Action Committee

ALL PAC (non connected committee) focuses on preserving and promoting the Constitution and Conservative Values in America. Values that are under constant and pervasive attack.

Rights and Liberties are important. So is our unique and exceptional American culture. The extreme left has been arrogant, aggressive, antagonistic, belligerent, and intolerant. And they’ve Won with those tactics. Not just in elections, but in Creeping Normalcy, attacking and degenerating our Values and who we are as people!

We will not be the Silent Majority any longer to those who want to erase our rights, our history, and our ability to be Representative in this Republic!

We feel it is time for the Right to preemptively fight back, take a stand, and defend our Values of Prosperity and Equality for ALL, rather than continue to “go along to get along”.

We intend to Organize and Strategize to Preserve our Great All-Inclusive and Exceptional AMERICAN CULTURE. And we will do this by focusing on:

> Protecting Civil Rights

> Understanding Truth

> Teaching People Civics

> Supporting Responsible Action

> Engaging with All People

> Supporting Grass-Root Candidates

> Asking People to Vote Values

We can learn from our Founders & those that have taken an Oath to protect our Country.

Its time for the PEOPLE to serve this Nation. Please join us in ACTION and support our efforts.

Please mail in or email the DONOR FORM or fill out the ONLINE FORM which is required for a PAC.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE to be involved, please check out our options below.

We are looking for sponsorships, donations, vendors & volunteers.

If you are interested in joining our efforts and become a member of the group contact us at the information found at the bottom of the page.



Leadership Action Groups

Community leaders meet weekly for dynamic strategic planning on current events.

Sub-committees focus on actions to ensure the integrity and freedoms of America.

Group sets weekly action plans.

Strategy Sessions, Every Week

By Invitation

Round Table Discussions

Small groups meet to discuss current community concerns, listen to lecturers, define core issues & implement actionable solutions.

Teleconferences & In-Person Meetings

By Appointment

Life & Liberty Stradegy Meetings

By Invitation

Engagement Meetings

Regular poignant conversations with the legislature, community, and people to discuss current community concerns, political issues & suggestions on how to better represent people.

Sub-Committees Meetings

& Community Engagements

By Appointment & Invitation

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