Citizen Action

Rep Denver Riggleman & Sarah Sanders speaking to Fauquier Citizens about how important it is for the people of Virginia to be involved with their government.

November 9, 2021 General Election
June 2021 Primary & Conventions

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What are we?

Chasing Freedom – Virginia is an open community organization of Virginia citizens and groups. Chasing Freedom – Virginia is a 501(c)(4) under the United States IRS code.

Chasing Freedom – Virginia shall follow a policy of non-alignment, with regard to any specific political party, or any group that advocates for a specific political party and will work with any individual or organization which shares our conservative values. Chasing Freedom- Virginia is not a Republican or Democrat organization we are an organization dedicated to conservative values.

Chasing Freedom – Virginia is operated exclusively for the promotion of social welfare and promotes the common good of all citizens of Virginia, to reinvigorate civic responsibility.

Chasing Freedom – Virginia is a union of individuals and organizations devoted to our shared values. 

1.       Citizen and Candidate Training Coalition
2.       Civil Rights Coalition
3.       Constitution Coalition
4.       Criminal Justice Coalition
5.       Economic and Business Coalition
6.       Education Coalition
7.       Faith Coalition
8.       Family Coalition
9.       Free Speech Coalition
10.     Health Care Coalition
11.     Life Coalition
12.     National Defense Coalition
13.     Outreach Coalition
14.     2nd Amendment Coalition
15.     Veterans Coalition
16.     Virginia History Coalition

What is our mission?

To preserve and promote our individual rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as envisioned by our Nation’s Founders in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

What will we do?

  • Serve as a unified voice in Virginia for grassroots activists and organizations
  • Mobilize The People of Virginia in the defense of conservative values
  • Be a trusted source of information on civics and Virginia politics
  • Vet, approve, endorse and support conservative candidates across Virginia



The goal is to find the new paths being built to connect folks in dialogue and speak about issues and values. Keep engaging and supporting taking back Virginia and keeping our country great.


SUPPORT an Action Group – meet weekly to effect change in our locality

SUPPORT Community Roundtables – discuss real concerns in your community

GET TO KNOW All Elected Officials – open dialogues about what is important to you

ATTEND Community Board Meetings – school board, board of supervisors and other community groups

GO to the Capital and Meet with Representatives – write them emails and letters, call them and make one on one appointments

STAY CURRENT on Events – know what is going on locally, within your state and nationally

ENGAGE to Share Beliefs and Values – connect with all your representatives in all levels of government

SUPPORT Meet Ups – discuss local concerns and share your values with people

SUPPORT Town Halls, Meet & Greets, Debates & Rallys – so people can engage in understanding the complexities of the political landscape

BUILD Bridges Across Party Lines – find actionable solutions, build working relationships and agree to disagree

APPRECIATE Baby Steps Forward – Rome was not built in a day

LEARN to Dialogue – both sides need to learn to listen and hear the undercurrents driving the divide. Civil discourse is vital.

USE the 4 Agreements – 1. be impeccable with your words, 2. don’t take anything personally, 3. don’t make assumptions, 4. always do your best don Miguel Ruiz


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