Action 2020

Rep Denver Riggleman & Sarah Sanders speaking to Fauquier Citizens how important it is for the people of Virginia to be involved with their government.

November 10, 2020 General Election
June 2020 Primary & Conventions

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VOTE 2020 – Research Your Vote

BELOW you will find the links to the candidates that are running for office that believe in the American Constitution, the American Values and are behind your Rights for Freedom. BOLD candidates believe in and have stood up for the Constitution. When the party claims the candidate, will put the party in parentheses (PARTY). More research can be done at Virginia Constitutional Conservative

Republican Convention is August 24-27, 2020 to be announced location

Democratic Convention is August 17–20, 2020 at Fiserv Forum, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Presidential Election

Donald Trumpon the issues (R) with Mike Pence (VP) **
*Promises Made – Promises Kept – Draining Swamp – Making & Keeping America Great
Joe Bidenon the issues (D) with VP TBA

US Senate Election – Virginia

Alissa Baldwinon the issues (R)
Daniel Gadeon the issues (R)
Thomas Specialeon the issues (R) **
*On point to beat Warner with zero spin up time taking office. Higher intelligence clearance than Warner – and knows what documents are needed to drain the swamp. Speciale will Fight for the Peoples Rights & Constitutional Protections

Mark Warner (D) – incumbent – against constitutional values
*won last election with a .08% margin – has approx. $4m to fight

Battleground State Information Here

US Representative Election – Virginia

1st Congressional District
Congressman Rob Wittmanon the issues (R) (Incumbent) **
Shawn Ponterio (Ind)
Qasim Rashid (D)
Vangie Williams (D)

2nd Congressional District
Jarome Bell (R) – on the issues
Ben Loyola (R) – on the issues
Scott Taylor (R) – none listed
Elaine Luria (D) (Incumbent)

3rd Congressional District
Jeffrey Burke – non listed
John Collickon the issues
Madison Downson the issues
George Yakuson the issues

4th Congressional District
Leon Benjaminon the issues
James Spiveyon the issues

5th Congressional District
Congressman Denver Rigglemanon the issues **
Bob Good – none listed

7th Congressional District
Delegate Nick Freitason the issues **
Peter Greenwaldon the issues
Andrew Knaggson the issues
Delegate John McGuire – none listed
Tina Ramirezon the issues
Jason Roberge on the issues

8th Congressional District
Jeff Jordanon the issues
Mark Ellmoreon the issues
Heerak Christian Kim – none listed
Major Mike Webbon the issues

10th Congressional District
Aliscia Andrewson the issues
Jeff Doveon the issues
Rob Joneson the issues
Elizabeth Stone – none listed
Matt Truongon the issues

11th Congressional District
Manga Anantatmulaon the issues

School Board

Find your candidates

Municipal Government

Find your candidates

Ballot Measures – State

VA State – Virginia Redistricting Commission Amendment

“A “yes” vote supports transferring the power to draw the state’s congressional and legislative districts from the state legislature to a redistricting commission composed of state legislators and citizens.

“A “no” vote opposes transferring the power to draw the state’s congressional and legislative districts to a redistricting commission, thus keeping the state legislature responsible for redistricting.”

VA State – Virginia Motor Vehicle Property Tax Exemption for Disabled Veterans Amendment

“A “yes” vote supports exempting one automobile or pickup truck from state and local property taxes for veterans who have a 100 percent service-connected, permanent, and total disability.”

“A “no” vote opposes exempting one automobile or pickup truck from state and local property taxes for veterans who have a 100 percent service-connected, permanent, and total disability.”

Find your measures

** Candidates that have worked with the PAC and supported our mission to protect the Constitution, ensure the protections to the People under the Constitution and dedicated to #TAKEBACKTHECOMMONWEALTH and #TAKEBACKAMERICA


Yes, since the CCP Virus and the Quarantine being involved is more difficult. The goal is to find the new paths being built to connect folks to online and virtual interactions. Keep engaging and supporting taking back Virginia and keeping our country great.


SUPPORT an Action Group – meet weekly to effect change in our locality

SUPPORT Community Roundtables – discuss real concerns in your community

GET TO KNOW All Elected Officials – open dialogues about what is important to you

ATTEND Community Board Meetings – school board, board of supervisors and other community groups

GO to the Capital and Meet with Representatives – write them emails and letters, call them and make one on one appointments

STAY CURRENT on Events – know what is going on locally, within your state and nationally

ENGAGE to Share Beliefs and Values – connect with all your representatives in all levels of government

SUPPORT Meet Ups – discuss local concerns and share your values with people

SUPPORT Town Halls, Meet & Greets, Debates & Rallys – so people can engage in understanding the complexities of the political landscape

BUILD Bridges Across Party Lines – find actionable solutions, build working relationships and agree to disagree

APPRECIATE Baby Steps Forward – Rome was not built in a day

LEARN to Dialogue – both sides need to learn to listen and hear the undercurrents driving the divide. Civil discourse is vital.

USE the 4 Agreements – 1. be impeccable with your words, 2. don’t take anything personally, 3. don’t make assumptions, 4. always do your best don Miguel Ruiz


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