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Keep VA 2A and Constitutional Conservatives along with their new site 2A*C3 have been an excellent resource for those looking for real information and connecting with other people.

KEEP VA 2A – Bill Tracker

SB64 makes training with a firearm a felony.

Tactical training with a buddy within sight of an anti-gun neighbor: Class 5 felony

Two or more people open carrying within sight of an anti-gun neighbor: Class 5 felony

Teaches proper firearm handling to anyone who will resist tyranny: Class 5 felony

Teaching martial arts/self-defense to anyone who will resist tyranny: Class 5 felony

Organizes a constitutional militia to resist tyranny: Class 5 felony

SB69 makes it illegal to purchase more than 1 firearm in 30 days.

Exceptions for concealed carry permit holders, private sales and trade-ins.

Found a better deal on a firearm you just bought: Class 1 misdemeanor

Want to buy 2 lowers on a Black Friday Sale: Class 1 misdemeanor

Want to buy a matching set of pistols: Class 1 misdemeanor

SB240 makes possessing firearms a Class 1 misdemeanor (jail time) if someone thinks you’re threatening, and a judge issues a risk order.

Refuse to voluntarily give up your guns after an issued risk order: Class 1 misdemeanor

HB961 can’t buy, transfer, sell or make ARs. Grandfather clause for existing ARs. 12 round mag limit. Can’t own suppressor, binary trigger or bump stock.

Buy an AR15: Class 6 felony

Own a magazine that holds more than 12 rounds: Class 6 felony

Own a suppressor: Class 6 felony

Own a binary trigger: Class 6 felony

Carrying a loaded shotgun with more than 7 rounds anywhere open to the public: Class 1 misdemeanor

HB960 delayed until next year. Slaps an ADDITIONAL 10% tax on all firearms and ammunition sales

Want to buy a firearm: +10%

Want to buy bullets for that gun: +10%

HB2 Selling or transferring a firearm without a background check is a FELONY. Exceptions for immediate family members, at a shooting range, letting a friend look at a gun in the owners presence or extreme circumstances to prevent death.

Selling of private property (a firearm) without paying an FFL: Class 6 felony

Letting a buddy borrow your hunting rifle: Class 6 felony

Giving a niece a gun for self protection without a background check: Class 6 felony

Fauquier residents enjoy shooting at different outdoor ranges around the county.


There is a lot to be said for being able to win an argument in defense of our right to keep and bear arms. You get an opportunity to not only win over someone who is arguing with you (unlikely), but anyone around you who is undecided (very likely), so keep these ground rules in mind:

  • Be respectful: The person you are arguing with is most likely not evil. They are just victims of a mind virus that has overtaken American society. It’s not their fault. You need to keep reminding yourself no matter how heated the conversation gets. Ultimately they want the same thing as you – a safer America.
  • Ask lots of questions: Asking questions makes people think on their feet. If they’re just repeating talking points they have heard from someone else they will find it difficult to be coherent. Ask them to define their terms, “assault weapon”, “semi-automatic”, “mass shooting”, “gun death”, etc.
  • Help them have a positive first experience with a gun: They most likely have not had much (any) contact with guns: offer to take them to the range and show them safety around a gun as well as how to shoot.Once most people fire off a few rounds from those scary looking “military style assault weapons” – they realize how helpful they could be in a life or death situation.

Ultimately any life lost is sad, whether it’s with a firearm or not.

Open minded discusses and debates are healthy and good, especially if you can help the other person see the flaws of gun control and wisdom in the 2nd Amendment.