Genesis of American Life & Liberty – The need to be a Constitutional County to stop the unconstitutional actions of the Richmond Capital House, Senate & Governor.

WELCOME to the Leadership Action Committee

Our group comes together to meet weekly. Each Subcommittee reports current updates and new actions that occurred during the week. Members bring concerns and ideas for group action. Heated discussion and honest communication brings out what is important. Together, we work through issues, until we find the next steps.

Members of American Life & Liberty are dedicated to restoring the balanced power of our government. By electing better representatives, the government will represent all people of America. Balanced and capable candidates working together will bridge the divide. We have accepted the extreme views too long, believing they would never effect our world. They have.

In November 2019, we lost the Commonwealth of Virginia. The threat we face is our fault. We failed to ensure the protection of our Constitution.

In January 2021, we lost the United States of America. Transparency and integrity is the issue at hand. There seems to be no viable path forward unless we can ensure our elections.

Now, the current leadership of government are threatening our American protections and values. Engaging our elected officials and other citizens is not enough to stop this assault. The elected leadership does not have enough influence to change the current state of affairs. They can not save us. WE THE PEOPLE have to come together across the divide, not accepting the narrative and seeking transparency and integrity to move forward.

This means understanding power grab of governmental overreach is against the American People. And the government will not stop this action. Americans, as WE THE PEOPLE, have to take action standing up to overreach and ensuring the future of America.

This comes by honestly discussing core issues and encouraging people to take action will restore our government, not by fighting with our neighbors. Dedicated citizens running for office and voting their values will make a difference.

Being involved on all levels of our country is needed right now. It’s not if you are going to get involved, but HOW you are involved.

In the end, we will succeed. Get involved and be dedicated to American Life & Liberty.

Coalition of parents and children fighting corruption and unconstitutional actions
in American Family Courts.

WELCOME to the Virginia Chapter

Thank you for considering our invitation to join. We could not just sit around and let things happen. We have decided to unite and motivate positive changes in dark times.

We would like to network with other counties and build a working relationship all over Virginia and beyond our states border. Come get involved and engage people. Please ask people you know to join and support our effort. 

We are all different. We are not asking you to believe what we believe. We are asking Americans to ensure America is America, The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

We stand that no matter who you are, you are American. This time is about American Life and Liberty, and that means we all unite for our rights and our freedoms.

We are a group for all people and their rights. We are dedicated to the Constitution and securing our American Life and Liberty. This is not a hate group.  This is a group to engage people and ensure they vote their values.  We do this by focusing on what it means to be an American.

Extremists will not change their minds.  Haters are going to hate.  Identify these groups and move on. Engage people that want the truth.

We all have our roles, our talents and how we can contribute. With respect let’s build a path forward.

People are watching Virginia to see what we can achieve. Lets build a bridge for all Americans.

Right now, is when we show the world how serious we are about all people’s role and rights as Americans.

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